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Nasi Lemak free essay sample

Growing up, I think I ate Nasi Lemak (literally means Fatty Rice) at least once a week. It used to cost 60 cents and came wrapped in a leaf. I’m sure once a week applies to the average Malaysian as well. Lily visited Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and of course, to complete the trip, we had to concoct this wonderful Malaysian dish. My mother told me very early in my life that too many cooks spoil the soup. She often used this to get me out of her kitchen and on to more important things, like studying. Anyways, I decided that we had to approach this dish very methodically. We first divided the labor – Lily with food processing and general preparation work. Me with the chicken curry. I am the curry and rice girl (link to hilarious video: http://urloid. com/youtube34). An invisible line separated the stove into 2 quadrants and we got working. We will write a custom essay sample on Nasi Lemak or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We started with the rice and pandan leaves, naturally. Within minutes of putting the rice to boil, we had several people emerge from their sleep after getting a whiff of the wonderful aroma. Lily proceeded with slicing shallots and mincing the shallots and prawns to make belacan. We then made the sambal and chicken curry side by side. After preparing the boiled eggs, roasted peanuts and another half bottle of wine, we finally sat down to enjoy this wonderful dish. A few tips, though this is a very easy dish to prepare – there are a lot of small things to do and the more you focus on the preparation, the easier the final assembly will be. Always a good idea to get a ramekin or small bowl to compress the rice in, so you will have better plate presentation.

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Capitalism Vs Socialism Essays - Economic Ideologies,

Capitalism Vs Socialism Compare and Contrast Capitalism and Socialism Capitalism and socialism are both types of systems in different societies throughout the world that have been successful at times, but also not so fortunate in its' success at other times in history. Both have their good and bad points, although the main focus I am presenting will acknowledge socialism in better terms than the capitalist economy. This is to judge which system will be most prosperous, for the most amount of time, in the majority of people's lifetimes. Also, opinions from socialists are given to how they examine a capitalist society, and how capitalists examine a socialist society. Criticism is given in each one's point of view, along with defending arguments. Also, my personal opinion is the main conclusion to which economy is the most prosperous based on facts contributed in my own research on both capitalism and socialism. The definition for capitalism would be a form of social system that separates the economy from the state. Laissez faire is another name that was given by Scottish philosopher Adam Smith. He said it is better for a government to have no intervention in the economy at all. Capitalism is based upon private ownership of property and every person has the right to live his life in any manner he chooses, as long as he does not violate the rights of others. Individuals are allowed to run their own businesses in a free market in such way that he or she creates the wealth for him or her self. It usually depends on how self-motivated a person is to determine how wealth they will become. If a person is always working hard to make money, they most likely will, compared to a ?bum? who can not get welfare in this type of system. Capitalists believe that the only purpose of a government is to protect its citizens from force or fraud. They claim that the force is the protection of individual's rights . This is achieved in such ways as the use of police force to protect the rights of citizens at home, a military to protect citizens from foreign attack, and a court system to enforce contracts and settle disputes between residents. Capitalists also feel that initiating force can only violate rights, thus the government only uses force in relation of those who initiate it. For instance, if an individual can not start his own electric company, it is a violation of his freedoms. A capitalist's argument towards this statement would be that the governments' legal monopoly on utility companies prevents people from starting their own electric company. In a capitalist society all people can start any kind of business they want. The protections of monopolies are not there. If a person wants to take the chance on their own company, even if it is next to one that is successful, the peril is in their ?own hands.? The only law capitalists clearly state, and one must follow is that members of society can not infringe on the rights of others. They give credence to holding individual rights as absolutes, and freedoms as absolutes. From a purely economic view, a capitalist is a person who buys in order to sell for profit. Socialism is quite different compared to capitalism, almost like an exact opposite. Instead of the ownership of private property, the government plays a large role where society owns social property such as banks and factories. Although, they own it through the government. Socialism is a society where the

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Work place language policies

Work place language policies The paper tries to establish the legality of a policy requiring workers to use only English during business hours. Mary, a manager, was charged with the role of ensuring all the employees were not discriminated either on basis of gender or country of origin.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Work place language policies specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More One of the customer service representatives felt sexually harassed by Hispanic sales people who communicated in a vulgar way using Spanish in the Cafeteria. Non-Spanish speaking employees felt that Hispanic team members in field were speaking in Spanish during working hours, which endangered their lives. Use of Spanish was taken by other workers as a discriminatory and a way of not sharing crucial information with the rest. Mary sent memos to all the departmental heads prohibiting the use of any other language apart from English during business hours. The memo raised con cerns among different group of workers leading to Mary receiving complains on legality of the matters. Hispanic workers argued that the rule discriminated them on basis of country of origin. It was noted use of Spanish language, earlier within the organization, had led to firing of two workers by Levy in his department. The workers defied orders from Levy on use of English during working periods. Spanish employees argued that they did not use Spanish while around other technicians or the shop. Frank Loggins, the company head, having heard of the looming law suits asked Matt to act quickly to try and save the image of the organization. Matts answer to the enquiry was that he thought Mary had solved all the problems concerning the language. The company legal team had to try and research on the legality of Mary’s memo from decided cases. One finding was that the bilingual employees who wanted to sue the company were charged with the responsibility of proving that the company had been discriminating them on basis of language to the courts. The main problem that the complainants faced was that no case law or decided cases had equated language to the country of origin. Mary’s decision was shown to hold even when the workers went to court because it was supposed to prevent discrimination among the employees. Discrimination occurred when Spanish workers used Spanish in presence of non-Spanish speaking workers. The legality challenge that existed was on the mode of communicating the policy and the time when the policy was communicated to the different workers. Mary sent the memo to departmental heads but not to the affected workers within the company. She was supposed to get all the workers and explain to them what was happening and the changes occurred in language policy within the company.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sending the me mo when complains about language arose within the company was another legal challenge. The one language policy can be challenged through the Equal Opportunity Commission of the US. The commission holds that a one language policy within organizations is illegal if use of other languages is not affecting the safety of workers at the workplace. In this situation, the workers claimed they did not use English, while on business proceedings. The use of Spanish did not bring any jeopardy to the safety of other workers. To avoid the legal proceeding, Matt is supposed to meet all the departmental heads and explain to them the process of implementing a language policy in future. The business needed to carry out diversity training to all workers on need of using English at workplace and appreciating other workers culture.

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Business Proposal for a Restaurant Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business for a Restaurant - Research Proposal Example One of the goals that the business seeks to achieve its expansion in the next two to four years. Additional services like accommodation will be available to the customers. When a new restaurant enters the market, it is expected to make enough profit that can finance the anticipated expansion. The restaurant will, therefore, implement efficient business management strategies. Tactical business spending will be the order of the day in this proposed business venture. A sole proprietor will own the business. The entrepreneur has chosen this ownership because of its simplicity. There is no sharing of all the profits from the business. The profits could then be used to expand the business rapidly. It is also easy to change the legal structure of the business. If the business expands, it can run as a limited liability company. The business will be located in the surroundings of Detroit City because it has a large client base. Some of the potential customers who already exist in the city inc lude youths working in different businesses, college students, and middle-aged people. Majority of these potential customers do not have enough time to cook for themselves during the day. These potential customers are willing to spend money on snacks, fast food, ethnic food, and comfort food. There is a challenge of price sensitivity among the potential customers. When food prices go up, they tend to prefer cooking for themselves rather than buying from restaurants. The typical customers targeted are people aged 20 to 49 years.

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Discuss the primary business structure,functions and sub category of Essay

Discuss the primary business structure,functions and sub category of the NHS - Essay Example Thus health care is largely free for all patients ordinarily resident in United Kingdom, some set charges are payable for prescriptions, optician and dentistry services. Thus taxpayers actually fund NHS scheme to ensure that everyone has access to quality and timely heath care facility. Lately the concept of "internal market" has been introduces whereby the services are purchased from various sources either internal or other hospitals to make the system more efficient. In theory each division of NHS is supposed to break even, though practical picture is quite different many times. Repeated deficits and financial indiscipline can result in replacement of board of directors of the trusts of NHS The main function of NHS is to provide health care to all the ordinary residents of UK healthcare services free of cost funded through taxes. NHS operates through a complex web of trusts which act locally and are managed, monitored by Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) to continuously improve the healthcare services. All the Primary subcategories are managed mainly by primary care trusts which overlook the GP, requisitioning other services like specialist, mental health, ambulance etc. SHAs have strategic role in managing the PCTs under their area. It is widely believed that NHS is the third largest employer in the world after Chinese Army and Indian Railways.

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How do girls measure up to boys in Mathematics Essay

How do girls measure up to boys in Mathematics - Essay Example Therefore, girl’s participation in higher or advance mathematics subjects were less which led to a conclusion that boys have higher scores. Nowadays, more girls opt to take advance mathematics which results to same performance level in state tests. Also, the female population taking up SAT tests increased over the years which can be a fertile ground in comparing the performance of boys against girls. According to the article in Discovery, the study revealed that there was not much difference in the performance in math tests between girls and boys ( 2008). Furthermore, the National Science Foundation statistics revealed that : â€Å"†¦.In 2004, women earned 58 percent of all bachelor’s degrees, 78 percent of bachelor’s degrees in psychology, 62 percent in biological sciences, 51 percent in chemistry, 46 percent in mathematics, 25 percent in computer sciences, 22 percent in physics, and 21 percent in engineering.† ( 2007 ) Therefore, females do not really underperform in Math and Sciences as compared to Males. However, there are factors that affect girls in learning Math and Sciences which will be discussed in this paper. Cultural Orientation. Result of the study was the argument of professor and psychologist Janet Hyde that the cultural orientation are â€Å" incredibly influential†( cited in Media Relations, 2008 ). This means that girls are often not expected by their own parents to excel in Mathematics or other masculine field such as Engineering and Sciences since these areas are only suited for the boys. No wonder, girls were stereotyped as underperformers when it comes to Mathematics. The importance of self- esteem plays a big role in encouraging girls to perform in Mathematics. In 2007, a guide titled Encouraging Girls in Mathematics and Science was published by the National Center for Education Research. The main thrust of the

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Impact Of Outward Bound Singapore Sport Essay

Impact Of Outward Bound Singapore Sport Essay What is outward Bound Outward Bound believe in reaching out to people who constantly seek to challenge themselves people with the will to chase their dreams and the zest to drive others forward. Through a wide range of fun and unique activities, Outward Bound brings out the dynamics of teamwork and drives people to go beyond themselves. Outward Bound believes that no obstacles are insurmountable as long as we work together. Outward Bound Singapore is part of global network of Outward Bound centres and is recognised locally and internationally as a leader in outdoor education and adventure learning. Outward bound is a learning adventure one that impels you to discover more about your inner self as it challenges your body, mind and soul to respond to an unfamiliar journey. It inculcates both mental and physical ruggedness and enables you to be more adaptable to changes and unafraid of the unknown. It also fosters teamwork and prepares you for the service of the larger community. OBS believe that while life slices and values may be taught in the classroom, they only gain true meaning through real life experiences. Through direct and purposeful outdoor experiences, OBS facilitate their trainees to face adventures and move beyond their personal boundaries to discover themselves. How Outward Bound (OB) was developed OB was established in 1941 in UK. Outward Bounds outdoor education courses are based on the principles learnt from training young British seamen to survive in the North Atlantic Ocean during the second world war. It was inspired by Dr. Kurt Hahn who was a German educator. Dr. Kurt Hahn recognized the needs of Lawrence Holt who is the head of the Blue Funnel Shipping Line which was a merchant shipping company. During World War II, when Blue Funnle Shipping Line was hit by German torpedoes the new seamen from Blue Funnle Shipping Line could not endure the surroundings in the lifeboat as compared to the sophisticated seamen Hahn felt that not having enough life experience might be the reason for the Blue Funnle Shipping line to be unable to endure the conditions in the boat during World War II. The German experienced seamen learnt a lot of piratical skills and they also knew how to handle a difficult situation which enabled them to have more confidence and ability to cope with the demanding challenges. Enhancing the young people confidence and the capacity to cope with life was the main intention of the intensity and mini-life experiences of outward bound To discover his students true capabilities through life experience that would help them find their greater capabilities, was one of Hahns philosophies. The name Outward Bound was given by Lawrence Holt. Outward Bound is used to refer to the flag Papa, flown on a ship when it was soon to leave port. It would be a signal to the sailors to return to the ship if the Outward Bound flag was flying. Outward Bound literally refers to the moment a ship leaves the harbour. This symbology remains important in Outward Bound, and participants on courses in many Outward Bound schools today receive a pin lapel of the flag papa. History of Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) In 1967, the idea of an Outward Bound School of Singapore (OBSS) was suggested by the Minister of the Interior and Defence and Deputy Chairman of the Peoples Association, Dr. Goh Keng Swee. Then, the nation was going through a period of uncertainty and to face challenges ahead, Singapores leaders had called for the building of a rugged society. The original school was started by two New Zealanders Hamish Thomas and Al Cameron in December 1967. It began with the objectives that still form the basis of the OBS today: To provide education, leadership and character training; developing the physical, mental and spiritual faculties of boys, girls, young men and women of all races of Singapore. The management of OBS was moved from the Peoples Association to the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) in 1971. Besides providing adventure training and leadership training to young men and women, it was an avenue to give ordinary Singaporeans a taste of military life. OBS was returned to the Peoples Association in 1991 and the school was been renamed Outward Bound Singapore. The aim of the school was to offer Singapores young people exciting activities to develop their physical and mental ruggedness, personal confidence and leadership qualities. What is OBS mission vision, motto and core values? MISSION To develop character, leadership skills and team spirit through direct and purposeful experience in the outdoors VISION To be a world-class Outward Bound centre for outdoor education and leadership development OBS MOTTO To serve, to strive and not to yield Their core values are: Safety Minded Safety is the foundation of the OBS. We are committed to the highest safety standard in whatever we do. Teamwork We contribute individually and as a team to achieve our vision and mission. Professionalism We strive for integrity and excellence in our work and conduct. To be the best in our field of contributions. Learning Driven We constantly challenge ourselves towards new areas of improvements and growth. People Centred We value our staff. We recognise good performance of our staff and are committed to developing them to their fullest potential. Customer Focused We value our customers and commit ourselves to constantly deliver excellent quality service. We strive to meet and exceed expectations. OBSs target group OBS does not only target youths, it is for everyone. With the wide range of courses, there will be something for everyone at OBS. OBS courses is customized to meet the society needs. Outward Bound Singapore target groups can be categorized into: Professionals, Youths, Kids and Family and for outdoor enthusiasts. Professionals In the corporate arena, leadership is the key to success and teamwork is essential to getting things done better, faster and more efficiently Many corporate leaders need to hone their ability to lead and motivate their teams. Through OBSs specially designed programmes, they will have the perfect opportunity to unleash their true potential and take themselves and their team to new heights. For executives looking to grow in the areas of leadership, team-building and change management, OBSs Professional Development Programmes (PDP) has a range of course that will help equip them with skills to overcome future challenges. Youths At OBS, they believe in helping young people make the most of their potential. Through learning-driven outdoor activities including rafting, kayaking and climbing guided by OBSs professional instructors, they give youths the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop valuable life skills. Step out of the classroom and venture beyond the textbook For kids and family OBS offers customised programmes for students aimed at fostering independence and interdependence life skills. Making use of outdoor experience such as camping, trekking, raft building, rock climbing and more, these programmes give children the opportunity to learn from each other and develop leadership qualities early in life. In addition, OBSs family programmes are designed to maximise quality time together for parents and children in which emotional bonds and family ties can be strengthened. When it comes to nurturing future leaders, an early start goes a long way. For Outdoor Enthusiasts Whether youre a newcomer to the great outdoors or an experienced outdoor leader, OBS has training programme which will hone your skills and enhance your development Nothing makes for a better outdoor experience than total confidence in your skills. OBSs Programmes OBS programmes are designed to be physically and mentally rugged, the programmes utilise the outdoor settings to develop character, values, mental ruggedness and a community spirit. By allowing them to learn through focused discussions and practical applications within fun environment, OBSs programmes complement what the participants have learnt in schools to provide them with a complete learning experience. Some programmes offered by OBS are: Character and leadership programmes Global programmes Special programmes/Youth-At-Risk Character Leadership Programmes OBS Youth Programmes are drawn out to attract the youth with an action-packed blend of adventures and surprises. Youths develop competencies such as self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship management and responsible decision making as they move progressively through challenging problem-solving activities and expeditions. Orientation Induction Programmes Esprit de Corps My Outward Bound Journey A Leaders Journey Orientation Induction Programmes Esprit de Corps The Orientation Induction Programmes aims to build greater understanding and cohesion, school or class spirit in newly formed school cohorts. This programme focuses on self and team discovery. In Primary four and Secondary One, the students are relatively new to each other. In order to build greater understanding, cohesion, class spirit and strong bonds between the class mates, there is a special designed programme which is specially made for them, which is called â€Å"Camp Discovery.† Character Development Programmes My Outward Bound Journey Outward bound programmes is not only an outdoor adventure, it sis essentially an inward odyssey. It helps an individual to find out about his or her capabilities or potential and also learn to improve personal and leadership qualities. Character building, teamwork , dealing with the unfamiliar, familiarity with Challenge, Initiative, Tenacity and Personal Mastery are what one can gain from My Outward Bound Journey. Leadership Development Programmes A Leaders Journey By developing the key characteristics and competencies of an effective leader, one can be equip with the knowledge and skills of leadership through A Leaders Journey by OBS. The leadership Development not only allows personal growth but as well as acquirement of team management skills. Numerous leadership theories are included in each module and can be included in the Primary Four syllabus. Characteristics and styles of a leader and models of leadership are also used in the programme. Global programmes OBS also has overseas programmes. They have partnered with overseas Outward Bound and adventure centres to bring richness of an overseas experience to the participants. These overseas programmes are designed to give our youth a global outlook in life. OBS aim to inculcate: An Adventurous Spirit An adventurous spirit is basically helping youths to: Accept and overcome challenges and obstacles. Discover new horizons. Go beyond their limits. An Enterprising Spirit Help youths to: Knowledge the value of teamwork, trust, mutual support, leadership in decision making and problem solving skills. Become resourceful and creative. An International Perspective To help youths to: Knowledge the richness of culture, social and economic diversity available in other countries. The reason why OBS started the Global Programmes was because they wanted to give young people exposure to foreign cultures and environments. Each programme helps youths in building confidence, leadership, tenacity and other personal attributes aimed at helping youths develop a more adventurous and enterprising attitude. Through a global disclosure the Global Programmes are intended to give youth a global outlook in life, aimed to inculcate an adventurous enterprising spirit, and cultivate an international perspective. Participants can anticipate an experience that ranges from 8 to 26 days in an abroad centre. The programmes are categorized into series of the Adventure Challenge Courses. Adventure Challenge A Global Perspectives Classic 21-Day Challenge The ultimate of OB Experience Other Customised Programmes Adventure Challenge A Global Perspective OBS takes secondary and tertiary students on an exhilarating Outward Bound journey to Sabah, Perak, Brunei Darussalam, India, Mongolia, Philippines, Croatia, Taiwan and Australia for Adventure Challenge programme. Having severe expeditions in deep snow conditions in South Korea, Japan and China is a challenge that will be faced by the student leaders given by OBS. Awareness of personal and group goal-setting, planning and coordinating as a group, team development and personal leadership styles are skills that will be developed in the participants through the disclosure to unknown tropical and winter environments. Classic 21-Day Challenge The ultimate of OB Experience To help young adults realize their potential, a mentally and physically demanding course that features a range of activities and challenges are designed. The surrounding islands of Singapore and the rural environment of Pulau Ubin is the classroom of the classic 21-day Outward Bound programme. The programme uses the journey concept and allows participants to experience an array of elements and multi-expeditions which keep them on the move most of the time. It will help participants develop their personal attributes and contribution in the context of a group while also exploring their leadership potential. Other Customised Programmes OBS is specialized character development and/or leadership development and team development. OBS alter programmes just to meet the precise needs of their customers. Before arriving at the final conclusion of the programme design, OBS works with their clients to establish objectives, expectations and desired outcome. These programmes can be targeted at explicit profile groups such as Gifted Education groups, Integrated Programme schools, International schools, Specialized Independent schools, School Staff Training (Teachers/ HODs /Principal) and many more. Sharing by two students who have attended Outward Bound Singapores Global programmes: â€Å"Ill definitely remember this Outward Bound Course for life because it has given me immense satisfaction. The safety precautions are all kept in check, and I have never once felt that my safety has been compromised. It has indeed been a fruitful experience, and it has helped in shaping my character and building up my ability to adapt to different situations and face greater challenges in my personal, academic and work life.† Tong Pei Shan, undergraduate (after completing her South Africa programme) â€Å"I have learnt that as we step out of our comfort zone, we adapt to our new environment and grow stronger in the process, if we were to stay in our comfort zone, we can never be successful in life. This programme to Australia has left great impact on me and I learnt a lot in the 10 days and this is something that cannot be achieved in the classrooms.† Chen Libo. Hwa Chong Institution (after completing his Australia programme) Special programmes/Youth-At-Risk OBS does not only cater to normal youth but also there are programmes that help youths who needs special needs and youths who had once gone through a bad phase in life (youths that had done things which are against the law). The special programmes are: Youth at risk programmes Special needs programme These programmes are developed by using programming principles based on psychology and social work research. Youth at Risk Programmes These altered programmes are made to help the youth to learn and know more about themselves. Development of life skills and promotion of healthy lifestyles, attitudes and perspectives are also achieved by these programmes. Basically what this programme aims to do is to instil this phrase in them, â€Å"a difficult past does not mean a difficult future.† These programmes might give the youths a fast and good solution on the spot but rather it is helping them to create opportunities to help them discover that the solution they are seeking for is found within themselves and no one else. Special Needs Programmes In these programme, the participants may have an intellectual disability, learning disability and or a physical disability. Through this programme these participants with special needs can experience what outdoor is. They will also be able to build self confidence and develop life skills like teamwork, communication and leadership. Below are some comments shared by the special need programmes participants: â€Å" Dont give up easily, persevere, be patient, cooperate†¦and only we can overcome our fear. There is no way we can overcome our fear if we dont want to, no matter how much our friends or parents or others encourage us, if we dont want to overcome it, we cant.† â€Å" I learnt that I should be more cooperative towards others and when we make mistakes, the issue is that we should learn how to admit it, learn from it and dont repeat it again†. â€Å"I learned life lessons its our CHOICE, our LIFE. Learn to walk out of DARKNESS.† Conclusion OBS helps people discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings. â€Å"OBS nurtures the youths to be physically and mentally strong. They develop self-confidence, resilience, leadership and teamwork. They are instilled with the resolve to strive and succeed, and the sense of responsibility to give back to the society. Through the ruggedness of the OBS course, inner strength is built up and values vital to the success of our nation are imbued.† Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong The question is how does OBS benefit the society? The answer is by instilling values in them, by teaching them beyond the classroom. The sense of community service, teamwork, self-confidence, discipline and values inculcated during OBS course are very important for an individual to have. OBS does not only help youths, it helps the whole society; everyone, from young to middle age to old and even special children (having any kind of disability). One of OBSs target groups is the corporate world. In the corporate world there will be new challenges everyday and we will need good leaders to lead. Not only do we need a good leader but a good team who can work well with each other and have the â€Å"never give up† attitude to overcome any obstacles. Outward Bound Singapore does help companies with this; Outward Bound Singapores programmes will have the perfect opportunity to unleash the leaders true potential and take themselves and their team to new heights. Instilling values in oneself is never too early. OBS programmes for kids and family instil leadership qualities in the kids who will one day go into the working world and apply their values that they have learned in OBS. Not only that, OBS strengthens the bond between the family members too. There is more to learn outside the classroom. Outward Bound Singapore gives the society these opportunities to learn and instil the values which will be life-long and priceless values. They help individuals to overcome their fears, challenge themselves, instil values like perseverance, confidence, discipline, teamwork and also unleash their potential. All these do benefit the society, it benefits every individual who goes for the Outward Bound Singapore course and I think it will be a life changing experience if one were to go for OBSs course. OBS is indeed an organization that makes a difference in the society and gets a youth ready for anything in life. Below are some appreciation shown to OBS by some principals. The reason for putting this in this report is to show how much of a difference can OBS make in the society. Its very good programmes organised by OBS for my staff. We enjoyed and picked up some learning points that will be very useful for all of us. Mr Yap Juye Long, Principal, Yuhua Secondary School I enjoyed the morning at OBS very much. I appreciate the meaningful work and experience at OBS. Good place for my staff too. Miss Yap Wah Choo, Principal, Nanyang Girls High School Thank You OBS for your hospitality and for being our long-term partner in nurturing our sec 3 students each year, imparting the mental resilience they will need to succeed at their ‘O levels and in life. Mrs Tan Ming Fern, Vice-Principal, Tanjong Katong Girls School By the sharing of the principals and the special children (mentioned earlier in the report) experience from what they have learnt in OBS I hope we all can see how important is or rather how huge impact does Outward Bound Singapore does on an individual which makes up the society. I would like to end of the report by two sharing which is by Mr Lui Tuck Yew and Outward Bound International (OBI) â€Å"This is an important programme because it contributes to how we prepare our young well for the future. Prepare them well and we prepare Singapore well for the challenges ahead.† RAdm (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Minister of State, Ministry of Education â€Å"As one of the longest established Outward Bound centres worldwide, your training programmes have contributed to the development of leadership, character and team spirit of Singapores youth and future leaders. OB Singapore has been a model global citizen, always willing and able to offer assistance across borders in many ways.† G. Kelly ODea, Chairman of the Board, Outward Bound International References: Magazines